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Clinical Trials


Clinical trials

Completed phase I/IIa clinical trial

Twenty-seven patients participated in phase I/IIa clinical trials conducted in 4 clinical centers in Russia.

High degree of safety was demonstrated in dose escalation studies.

Three groups, of five patients each, were administered escalating doses of Elenagen™. Only minimal Grade I side effects were observed in some patients.

Elenagen™ was able to cease disease progression

in patients with breast, ovary, lung, renal cancer and melanoma. Patients admitted into our trial were “salvage patients” who have failed all other available treatment protocols and were in the active disease progression stage. The main goal was to stop the disease progression, which we have achieved.

Restoring tumor sensitivity to chemotherapy.

All patients admitted to the clinical trials have already failed multiple lines of chemotherapy. However, after treatment with Elenagen™, the patients were able to succesfully respond to new rounds of chemotherapy.

Future Phase II clinical trials

CureLab Oncology, Inc. is planning to conduct US and international phase II clinical trials in following diseases:


Ovarian cancer

Breast cancer


Ovarian cancer

Metastatic breast Cancer


Pancreatic cancer

Metastatic hormone-resistant prostate cancer

Metastatic renal cancer

Metastatic uterus cancer

Stomach cancer

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