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Corporate Mission

CureLab Oncology is a biotechnology company that is developing new anti-cancer biologics. CureLab Oncology is committed to creating a family of revolutionary therapies for oncology patients in order to help prolong their lives.

Our Lead Product

Our lead product, Elenagen™, is a plasmid (supercoiled circular DNA) encoding gene p62/SQSTM1. Elenagen™ reverses tumor grade, changes tumor microenvironment, enhances the anti-cancer effects of other therapies (e.g. chemotherapy), mitigates chronic inflammation, and stimulates an immune attack on the tumor.

Clinical Trials

The CureLab Oncology team has completed its international Phase I/IIa Clinical Trials of Elenagen™. The vaccine demonstrated a high degree of safety as well as clinical benefits in a number of patients. Based on these successful results, we initiated Phase II Clinical Trials outside of the United States, and are now preparing Phase II Clinical Trials within the US.
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